Earn While You Learn

Earn While You Learn

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The North Georgia Pregnancy Center offers a comprehensive “Earn While You Learn” program with dozens of topics that will help you be a good parent. Proper parenting is one of the world’s most important jobs. It is an opportunity, a challenge, and a rewarding time in life. Your child is the future. These courses will help you be ready.  They are provided at your own pace; you come in to the center at your own schedule and do 1 or 2 lessons at a visit.  They are simple lessons including a video and an answer sheet, then discussion with one of our volunteers.

The classes cover everything from pre-natal information, to the health of the mother and baby, to practical parenting and discipline, to Life-Skills like balancing a checkbook.  Examples are The First Trimester, Smoking and Your Baby, How To Properly Discipline Your Child, How To Balance Your Checking Account,1,2,3 Magic (More on Discipline), Prenatal Care, First Years-Toddler Activities,First Aid & CPR, Installing Car Seats, and many more.

When you complete a lesson, you will be paid in “Baby Bucks”. These can be used to purchase diapers, wipes, maternity clothes, baby clothes, and much more from our store. This benefit alone can save you hundreds of dollars over a year’s time.

Good News! We have added an Earn-While-You-Learn program for fathers. Raising a child is a two-party task. Ideally, children need the skills, gifts, and input of both a mother and father. God designed it that way. We are here to help both mothers and fathers be all they can be as parents. As with all of our services there is no charge to participate. Please call the Center for details.

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